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Which is better, soft pack lithium battery or hard pack lithium battery?

November 22, 2021

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Which is better, soft pack lithium battery or hard pack lithium battery?

Soft pack lithium battery: soft pack lithium battery is just a liquid beaver battery with a polymer shell. The structure type is aluminum-plastic film packaging. In case of potential safety hazards, the soft pack battery will only bulge and crack at most. There are two kinds of lithium battery hard package: cylinder and square. The packaging structure has different advantages and disadvantages, mainly for different market demand places. It is relatively difficult to ensure the consistency of hard packed lithium batteries. There are more and more models, and the processing technology is difficult to be completely consistent. It is suitable for customized production and manufacturing, which is not convenient for the automatic production of beaver battery packs.


Characteristics of soft pack lithium battery

1. Wide range of use, now it is very popular in 3C digital industry.

2. From the perspective of the shape of the soft pack polymer lithium battery, the soft pack can change any shape. For motor vehicles, assembling the soft pack battery can increase the space of motor vehicles. On the other hand, the assembly position of the soft pack battery is not affected by the structural type of motor vehicles

3. It is very thin and occupies a small space. In terms of soft pack battery, it can make the battery thinner. The overall operation flexibility and matching of soft pack battery are relatively high. For automobile enterprises, it has great temptation in design ideas.

4. High safety performance. The structure type of soft pack battery is aluminum plastic film packaging. The biggest competitive advantage of aluminum film packaging is that it is soft and has a certain softness. When the battery has safety performance problems, the soft pack battery will generally bulge and crack, and the liquid inside will leak out, which will not prevent the vapor from being discharged, resulting in explosion and fire.

5. It is small in size and light in weight. In terms of the volume of soft encapsulated polymer lithium battery, it has the characteristics of light weight, large volume, small internal resistance and convenient design concept, and gradually presents its competitive advantage and prominent dominant position.

6. Small internal resistance. The internal resistance of the soft pack battery is smaller than that of the lithium battery. At present, the minimum internal resistance of the domestic soft pack battery cell can be less than 35m2, which greatly reduces the self -power consumption of the lithium battery pack.

7. The design is flexible. The shape of the soft pack lithium battery can be customized according to the customer's market demand to develop the cell model of the market.

Soft and hard lithium battery pack difference
Lithium battery soft package and hard package is mainly refers to the difference between a lithium battery pack shell material, if you have any packing outside, it is difficult to see, must see the battery ontology, the weight of the steel battery shell will focus than the same volume of battery, but aluminum shell and flexible packaging is not easy to distinguish, but soft, flexible packaging than aluminum battery with the hand break easily deformation.

The low weight

The soft-pack lithium-ion battery is 40 percent lighter than its steel-clad counterpart and 20 percent lighter than its aluminum-clad counterpart. In terms of weight, the soft-pack lithium-ion battery is much lighter than the hard-pack lithium-ion battery, but the main weight ratio is the weight of the case.

Low capacity

The soft-pack lithium-ion battery is 10 to 15 percent and 5 to 10 percent higher than steel and aluminum batteries of the same size. Although in terms of capacity, the capacity of soft pack lithium battery is not much higher than that of hard pack lithium battery, but there is a certain gap between the two. In the field of high capacity requirements, the application of soft pack lithium battery is still higher than that of hard pack lithium battery.

Low shape

Because the internal battery of soft pack lithium battery is liquid, so its shape can usually have a variety of shapes, this characteristic has a great advantage over hard pack lithium battery in the field of specific requirements for the shape of lithium battery.

In the structure of aluminum plastic film packaging, in the case of security risks, the soft battery will only blow up.

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